Intelligent Technology

SD card can store and play a large number of programs
We acquire high technology and adopt intelligent chip ARM project with outlaying SD card which has high memory capacity, fast data transfer rate, great moving flexibility and excellent safety, meeting your endless imagination.

Intelligent switching for ILDA
After being connected with ILDA laser software, the device can automatically detect whether it is connected with the ILDA software. If it is correct, the device will switch to ILDA model, controlled by ILDA software. Also setting up ILDA output outlet, amplifying the input signal, making the connection spread unlimited.
Security protection
When the image outputs less than +/-1.5 hours, it can turn off the laser light path to make sure not appear laser light spot. With 1T high velocity intelligent chip, through complex arithmetic comparison, it can judge the security of laser beam. When the image outputs lees than +/-1.5 hours, it can turn off the laser signal, double protection, double security.

Pattern size manual adjusting
Using the X,Y axle on control panel to adjust the size of image to meet different requirement of different location.

Free color setting
Touch buttons are used for setting the laser colors, one two or various colors.

Isolation principle, dust-proof design
professional optical system, dust -free technique, without periodic clean after long time use
LCD man-machine interface
Multiple functions in one device, 2 X auto, 2Xmusic, DMX512, ILDA, M/S, also can set the sensitivity of music and the direction independently.

Fisheye accessory

Built-in fisheye lens, Light spread reaches the perfect angle 180°,which makes a ultimate effect for light spread.

1)lens magnification:0.23X
2)Light source image surface diameter:0.25
3)Light aperture diameter:φ2.0
4)Emitting radiation angle:180°
5)Lens composition: 3 sets 4 pcs
6)focal distance: unlimited
7)TTL optical length:44.8
8)Lens aperture diameter:φ39

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