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Ten years’ development experience, CR-TEC’s engineering business has spread all over domestic entertainment field, we have accumulated abundant engineering practical experience and cultivated a well trained technical support team. Depending on the deeply understanding of professional laser, especially in entertainment application, we will monitor your project continuously, supply comprehensive training or guide on-site. We also supply multimedia performance plan for your project which will adapt the laser system and 3D drawing to meet your requirement of structure, safety, any special effect and firework and so on.


Over the years, “Focus on detail, pursuit of precision” is the constant management idea, pursuit of perfection is the supreme faith, only in this way, it can burst out remarkable imagination, carve perfect detail and present incomparable masterpiece to people. Today, we obedience to such faith to show you the selective product.


       Now, we are changing the preciseness and responsibility of CR staff into the care of every device. From the maintenance to customer’s suggestion, from precise technique to service art, every detail is comply with the core value ” heritage, strength, hardworking”. To make every customer think that choose CR-LASER is choose the real value. Rely on  continuous innovation and technique improvement for many years, CR-LASER’ s service idea also gets a improvement and reaches at a higher level, with the attitude of constantly striving for perfection to supply you with the worldwide standard and high quality sale service.




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