Intelligent Technology

Digital centre checking, easy to install
Array cube housing design, LM in different positions, to achieve the accordance of laser beam’s vertical and horizontal, through hanging lamp hook to adjust the angle is mostly used in other manufactures’  product, but it is waste of time, not stable, difficult to install. CR-TEC innovated a set of digital centre checking system, only pressing 4 touch buttons at the same time, turning on power, entering the SHE model, using “up” and “down” buttons to check the centre place, then pressing “confirm” to save.

Fat beam laser diode trend comes from me
It is different sense when eyes on different size objects, because eyes also have resolution ratio. Same as a thread, it is different when you see at far distance and close distance. So with the same power’s laser at the same distance, people will feel the fat beam is brighter than the slim one. According to this characteristic, CR-TEC innovated the fat beam laser diode LM series, perfectly showing the high brightness of laser and innervation of light.

Digital set up motion image
Motion image is necessary when it is in symmetric array, LM can free four image areas when it comes into motion image menu. (Note: image here means motion image but not pattern image)

Sound control “ bright” or “dim” choice
LM can accept sound signal when it is in sound control model, laser beam can be changed from brightness to close, or close to brightness, two models for choice, wonderful edit effect.

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