Mix Partybar

Mix Partybar is a new cross-border LED laser lighting with MIX function and MIX devices, elaborately improved by CR-LITE in order to realize cross-border in industry. It is initiative to combine the traditional derby lighting and par lighting together, and adding grating laser and strobe LED. Shows can be put together arbitrarily and angles of lights can be adjusted randomly, delivering a more gorgeous effect.
CR-LASER keeps expanding the concept of MIX and making innovations, to challenge people’s vision with a more splendid lighting effect, to lead the market with the more innovative lighting demonstration system!

No boundary to cross, no end to innovation
Getting a wide angle while having a free thought; getting the soul work while having a flexible thinking. In order to achieve the free and flexible level, cross-border must dismantle the wall of thought and break the limit of thinking. It represents not only a fashion life attitude, but also a new prominent thinking pattern.


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