Intelligent Technology

Laser light can be romantic
Since the laser show came into being, it has made people feel vibrant and brilliant. By its dynamic shows, people can enjoy the burning passion. CR-TEC, with its own research achievement which has been registered patent, is going to breakthrough the past and subvert the former wild impression of laser completely, and giving you a total new laser experience.

Patent product—a combination of laser and LED
Constant innovation, self-challenge, is the motto of CR-TEC people. We know every innovation can bring you some new pleasure. Only by holding our insistence tightly, we can get the progress from every effort. CR-TEC is the first one to combine the laser effect and water waving effect of LED together perfectly. The new implication in laser field has injected new vitality to laser light.

Digital control for manual and auto operation
Instead of dwelling on the past achievements, we bravely improve our products, from manual program with knob switch to the switch between manual model and auto model with inner auto program, and then the digital buttons for auto model and digital manual operation. All these changes are for easy operation.
Manual model can set up the shaking frequency , rotating speed of laser, also can set up brightness, shaking frequency, rotating speed of LED freely by digital buttons.

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