Integration of 3 effects
The perfect integration of grating effect and traditional beehive LED, 8 pcs strobing LED merged in it.
Cellular LED effect
Red 620nm/100lm,green 520nm/160lm,blue 462nm/50lm, amber 600nm/50lm, white 6000K/200lm

8 graring effects laser
1 whirl effect, 2 Galaxy nebula, 3 Spring Garden,4 Cross, 5 square mesh, 6 flame,7 star shower, 8 thousands of color wheel

8 pcs 1W white LED srobing
8x1W 6500K/120lm 180°lens

100 scales of effect speed control setting
Built-in 6 sets of AUTO/SOUND show
8 strobing effect, enhance the party atmosphere immediately
Ideal choice for party, band, show, DJ


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