Intelligent design

Pure diode Lasers
Using all diode lasers, high brightness, small divergence angel, good coherence, strong stability, delivering brighter laser beams.

20/30K Pro Optical Scanner
Use 20K professional optical scanner to realize the professional upgrade of laser projector, achieving smoother laser beams and more vivid animations.

Digital Mirror Image Design
Set the image direction on the X-axis or Y-axis through the machine buttons or the keyboard.

Intelligent Switching for ILDA Signal
After being connected with ILDA laser software, the device can automatically detect whether it is connected with the ILDA software. If it is correct, the device will switch to ILDA model, controlled by ILDA software. Also setting up ILDA output outlet, amplifying the input signal, making the connection spread unlimitedly.

 8 Menu modes









Laser projector, new magic ad tool
Compared to the emergence of many new network advertising, the traditional advertising media entities in life appeared to be inadequate. Faced with declining innovative advertising tools, CR-LASER developed a text laser projector that content can be modified randomly and output immediately. To left a deep impression and memory to people with a special innovative visual feeling, deepening advertising effectiveness and igniting advertising passion.

Innovative Laser Clock
By breaking through the tradition and creating a new realm, CR-TEC is want-grade of the laser field and making the mass production come true. Mini laser clock can show the time, week, day, month and year. Diversified choices for modes: only time mode or time + date mode; 12 hour mode or 24 hour mode.
Countdown time can be freely set to 0-999s. After countdown, it can directly link to the saved text edited before, bringing more surprises and fun to your gathering.
Built-in 10 sets of AUTO/SOUND Programs
There’re 10 sets of programs of some important holidays, such as birthday, New Year, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and so on. You can use it at home to enhance atmosphere, or use it for advertising. It’s not only a hard-to-get gift at ordinary life, but also an indispensable innovative tool in advertising world.
Keyboard Connected, Input and Output at the same time
Only connecting the keyboard without connecting to any expensive computer equipments or installing any complicated authoring software, you can operate it conveniently. It can store 10 groups of texts, which each group has 200 characters and every group effect can be edited. SCANTEXT can return at any time to insert an input character, easy to change texts. It is the real easy text laser projector.
Diversified Control Ways
Panel-operating control, IR remote control, PS/2 keyboard control and so on.
12 kinds of text editing effects
Text Flow Visualization Setting; Color Setting; Drawing Gradually Setting; Zooming Setting; X Axis Left-right Shuffling; Y Axis Up-down Fluctuation; X Axis Rotation; Y Axis Rotation; Z Axis Rotation; Waving Effect; Amount of Characters of Every Screen Setting; Play Time Setting
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