LED digital display, 4 keys of function, easy operation.
Directly LED display, very operation model can be read clearly, MENU,UP,DOWN,ENTER 4 keys selection, make the operation more easy.

180° scanning angle
Equipped with CR-LASER’s well-designed fisheye lens which can reach a 180° emitting radiation angle, making an ultimate effect for the laser spread.

Ultrathin body design
High-power laser machine with ultrathin body and ceiling-mounted design, is easy to be hung on the top of the hall or just be laid on the floor, performing the laser dance.

Safety handle
Fulfill the function of high altitude hanging and upside down hanging. Free installation, safe and reliable.

Manual adjust the scanning angle
Adjust the scanning angle through adjusting the X axis and Y axis by the adjusting knob in the operation panel to make different sizes of the patterns for different occasions.

LCD human-machine interface
Multiple modes in one machine: 2 SOUND shows, 2 AUTO shows, DMX 512 control, ILDA play, Master/Slave, and can independently set the mirror image, the acoustic sensitivity and other functions.

ILDA intelligent switching signal
It can automatically judge whether it is well connected to the ILDA controller after the machine connecting to the ILDA signal line. After connection, it can automatically switch to the ILDA Mode, accepting the control of the ILDA controller and setting the output port of the ILDA information. Then it enlarges the input signal processing, making the connection to be unlimitedly extended.

Fisheye accessory

Built-in fisheye lens, Light spread reaches the perfect angle 180°,which makes a ultimate effect for light spread.

1)lens magnification:0.23X
2)Light source image surface diameter:0.25
3)Light aperture diameter:φ2.0
4)Emitting radiation angle:180°
5)Lens composition: 3 sets 4 pcs
6)focal distance: unlimited
7)TTL optical length:44.8
8)Lens aperture diameter:φ39

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