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There are currently low cost laser systems being sold or "box shifted" in disco shops or mail order companies;
before you even entertain looking at one please ask yourself the following question: Why is it so cheap?

The main reasons are:

1.It is a low quality far east import
2.No UK / European safety standards are usually featured - therefore making it illegal to be sold or even used in the UK; unfortunately the shops are often unaware that the projectors are illegal
3.Laser output power quoted is usually wildly inaccurate, typically the unit will only output upto half of what the retailer has sold it for
4.The retailer (box shifter) has no experience or no prior knowledge of lasers, therefore unable to give correct advise to the customer regarding technical assistance and UK health and safety issue.

The Far Eastern company who manufacture these laser devices sell to UK distributors at an import price from only US Dollars $79 - a laser system that only costs you have to question the quality, construction and safety of the whole laser unit. Please be informed that we are of the understanding that these laser units are currently under the investigation by the DTI and Trading Standards Authority. A simple way to tell if a laser system is suspect is: NO key switch = NOT legal!

Please note: as with everything in this world, you pay for what you get - if something is remarkably cheap then you are getting a very low quality product; the first features to be cut to "cheapen" a product is its safety features, in the case of these laser units we have not seen any evidence of the units having a remote key switch or scanner failure protection - even the laser safety/awareness stickers (that are required by UK legislation) are usually missing.


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