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1. Keep it legal: Using a laser system that does not comply to the European Safety Standards is illegal to use within the UK; be aware of low cost laser systems that flout the rules and therefore are illegal to use - but unfortunately seen in many stores in the UK for sale. The retailer has a legal duty to know what the UK laser project safety legislation is and advise the customer accordingly

2. output power:Beware: many laser retailers will sell lasers at the very maximum output power, and sometimes even quote a theoretical power to enhance the output possibilities on paper! A good retailer will always have a calibrated laser power meter to enable proof of output power quoted.

3. Laser regulationsNew "Laser Regulations" known as the Control of Artificial Optical Radiation at Work Regulations 2010 became active from 27th April 2010. They are derived from the EU Artificial Optical Radiation Directive (AORD), which is intended to set a minimum level of health and safety for workers across all EU member states. Please click here for further details.
You must also ensure that you adhere to the Health & Safety Executive guide (HSG95) "Controlling the radiation safety of display laser installations", information leaflet explaining how to obtain this guide can be found on the FAQ page.

4. The brightest laser colourGreen is the brightest colour that any laser can produce; therefore green will always provide the most striking effect over any other colour laser. Other colours may fade or disburse quicker - but this is not what laser displays are all about! For the record, Green DPSS lasers are up to 4 times brighter than an Argon blue/green laser for the same given output power.

5. Multicolour laser systemsSystems that "claim" to be multicoloured may not look as striking as you think ... in order for a multicolour laser to look any good it must have 100mW of EACH COLOUR; therefore the laser need to have a total output power of over 500mW. The multicolour laser systems often seen in club venues use 7,000mW (7 Watts) to achieve the true colours.

6. Text, Graphics & LogosAlways ensure that if a company claims that their systems can project graphics and text that you see it first hand - some can do text, but can you read it? In order to produce clear, crisp graphics and text you need to invest in a professional set of XY galvanometers. If the company does not know what pps (points per second) of their scanners is or it is less than 8,000 pps chances are that you will not be able to project clear graphics or text from your laser system. The ILDA standard test pattern for scan units is 30,000 pps.

7. Surplus stock lasersBeware of surplus stock lasers - why are they surplus?



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